DuraTech Industries International, Inc (originally Haybuster Manufacturing) was founded in 1966, by Joe Anderson, a farmer who recognized the benefits of chopping hay for his livestock herd. In the early 1970’s Haybuster relocated to its current facility in Jamestown, North Dakota (now covering 20 hectares of which 20,000 square meters is under roof) where extra emphasis was placed in expanding the company’s product line. During this time, additional hay processing and handling equipment products were developed. Additionally, other agricultural related products were developed by Haybuster, including “direct” seed drills, rock pickers and most recently, a full range of Cut-Mix-Feed (CMF) vertical feed mixers.

Currently, DuraTech Industries markets over 20 products through more than 600 dealers worldwide.

Haybuster equipment is respected in the global market place, offering products which have a reputation for being durable and built to exceed market expectations of high value for dollars spent. These quality-built units offer today’s busy operators new and better cost-effective methods for performing their many varied functions.

The history of Haybuster reflects innovation and quality, by listening to our customers wants and needs… our future growth goals are based on these same standards to insure both products and service excellence worldwide.

Haybuster products

  • Haybuster
  • Tub Grinders
  • Bale Processors
  • Other


TUB GRINDER H-1135 “Dominator”


Bale buster


Sead drill



3106 Rock-EZE

Rock picker


Bale buster






Sead drill

Why we chop straw


Preparing straw and hay for use in feeding dairy cows and beef cattle
  • Based on your Nutritionists recommendation, chop hay and straw to the right length of cut for your Total Mixed Ration (TMR)
  • Reduce waste by eliminating selective feeding by cattle
  • Prepare TMR’s in less time, using less fuel and saving ware on your mixer wagons
Straw bedding for livestock
  • Use your “BigBite” tub grinder for preparing bedding, using large sivescreens e.g. 127mm or 178mm sive-screens chopping up to 50 t/hour
Grinding high moisture corn
  • Use your Habuster tub grinder for grinding high moisture corn and increase milk production
  • A selection of sive-screens allows you to crack or finely grind corn and other grains
  • Unlike roller mills, a Haybuster tub grinder can be used year round
  • Easy access to the sive-screens allows you to make changes as grinding conditions change e.g. high moisture corn uses larger screens than dry corn
Biomass production
  • “Going green?” – Haybuster tub grinders are the choppers of choice when it comes to grinding biomass. Wet straw bales, horse manure, sugar beets etc., the Haybuster “BigBite” gets the job done. With a horsepower rating of up to 300 hp (224 kW) the H-1135 delivers the results that makes “going green” possible.